Milestone 2017

Fresa Gold Reach

Implemented Fresa Gold in Dubai Customer who is having offices in 15+ countries. Covered all their office requirements to manage centrally from Dubai

Focus on more customers
250+ Customers

Enhanced dashboard, customized themes, Dril Down trail balance and many more features added. 

First customer in Hong Kong
Korchina Logistics

Mr.David visited India & Mr.Kumar visited Hong Kong - Implemented Fresa Gold and received appreciation letter from Mr.Eric Sun, CEO

Team strength increased
Fresa Team Increased

Added Infrastructure Manager to focus on more number of AMC customers in Dubai. CFO appointed in Chennai

Productivity Improvement for Users
Fresa Gold Manuals

Based on customer requirement, prepared the manuals and handover along with training to the users.

Ticket System Introduced
Support Director

Mr.Nanda joined with Fresa Team to take care Support. Introduced Ticket System to keep track on customer requests.

First BPO Customer
First BPO Customer

First BPO customer from Dubai started using Fresa BPO Services for data entry in their existing software using remote desktop access. No luck.

Increase in Team Strength
Fresa Team-20+

Increased the strength of Fresa Team with Team Leader for BPO, Project Manager for Software. Added new rented office along with own office.

New begining with freshers
eFM 2.0 Team

Created new team for eFM 2.0 development, Appointed VP-BPO for Fresa

Customer Focus on more countries
Digital Marketing Team

Created Pre-Sales team to promote the services in digital platform

Shifting into Own Building
Own Building

Fresa Chennai moved into Chrompet Office. Seat capacity of 40+ seats with dedicated Training room and conference room.

Sales Director

Mr.Vinodh has joined with Fresa Team to take care Sales. 

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