Here you can learn about, the steps to generate the Salespersons Profitability Report based on Department wise.

What is mean by Sales in Freight Forwarders?

Salesperson develops and maintain client relationships by developing effective ways to transport customers’ freight utilizing. This role serves in a sales capacity and communicates with both customer and carrier contacts. Responsible for building and maintaining customer relationships, assessing client-specific needs, promoting and selling, and maintaining sales goals and objectives.

Steps to generate the Salesperson Profitability report based on Department.

1. Login into Fresa Gold, Navigate to Management, select Report-MIS (Fig.1).



2. Select Salesperson Profit with Department wise (Fig.2)



3. Enter the Date Range of From and To Date, and select the Salesperson Name and filter the Department to view the Salesperson profitability according to the Department, once entered click Submit button(Fig.3).

salesperson profit


4. Now it will display the page of particular Salesperson with Department of total Cost and Sale with GP (Fig.4)



5. To download the Report, click Option to Download (Fig.5).

report download


Hope you got an idea about the Steps to generate the Salesperson Profitabilities based on Department.