In this blog, We are going to see The Credit Control Process in Fresa Application
In the dynamic world of freight and logistics, managing finances effectively is crucial for sustained business success. One pivotal aspect of financial management is credit control, and Fresa Application takes the lead in ensuring a robust credit control process for its users. In this blog, we will delve into the credit control mechanism of Fresa Application, specifically focusing on preventing job/shipment generation and withholding the release of Delivery Orders (DO) when a client’s credit limit is exceeded.

Understanding Credit Control in Fresa Application:

1.Client Credit Limits: Fresa Application allows users to set credit limits for each client, providing a proactive approach to financial control. This feature ensures that businesses can maintain a healthy cash flow and minimize the risk of overdue payments.
Fig 1
2.Credit Limit Exceeded: When a client’s outstanding balance surpasses the predefined credit limit, the Fresa Application takes immediate action. This is a crucial step in preventing any potential financial risks and ensuring that the business remains financially secure.
Fig 2
3.Job/Shipment Generation Control: One of the key features of the credit control process in Fresa Application is the automatic restriction on job and shipment generation. If a client’s credit limit is exceeded, the system will not allow the generation of new jobs or shipments for that client. This proactive measure prevents the accumulation of additional financial liabilities.
Fig 3
4.Delivery Order (DO) Release Control: Similarly, the application restricts the release of Delivery Orders (DO) when a client’s credit limit is exceeded. This ensures that goods are not released until the outstanding payments are settled, safeguarding the interests of the logistics company and promoting responsible financial practices.
Fig 4
5. Over Ride Request: In Fresa Application , we are having an option to raise a request for credit control override , kindly find the below blog link for this option.
Fig 5

Benefits of Fresa's Credit Control Process:

Risk Mitigation: By preventing the generation of new jobs/shipments and withholding DO releases, Fresa Application helps businesses mitigate financial risks associated with clients exceeding their credit limits.
Improved Cash Flow: The credit control process aids in maintaining a healthy cash flow by ensuring that payments are received on time, reducing the impact of late or unpaid invoices.
Enhanced Financial Planning: Businesses can make more informed decisions about their financial strategies with real-time insights into the credit status of clients. This allows for better financial planning and risk management.
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