What is mean by Line Number?

Once after the arrival of goods at a customs location, the carrier of goods files an IGM with customs in a specified format. This detail contains the details of the arrival of goods with the name of shipper, consignee, number of packages, kind of packages, AWB/BL number, description of goods etc.etc.

Each shipment arrived is filed with a serial number under IGM. Normally carrier treats one Bill of Lading or one Airway Bill is treated as one shipment. So the details of each Bill of Lading/ Airway bill is filed one by one by mentioning serially numbered in Import General Manifest. Each serial number is called Line number in IGM.

Here you are going to learn about to enter the Line Number in Fresa Gold.

First, Login with Fresa Gold, Navigate to Documentation, select a particular Job (Fig.1).


 Second, select the Custom tab, and click the EDI option (Fig.2).



3. Enter the Line and Subline number in EDI once entered click Save changes button (Fig.2)

line number to file edi


4. Now the Line number is successfully updated (Fig.4).


5. Now to take the report, click the Report button on the top (Fig.5).



6. Now in Report, you can view the Line number (Fig.6).


I hope you got an idea about to enter the Line and Subline number.

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