Switch bl

A switch Bill of Lading refers to a second set of Bill of Lading issued by the carrier (or its agent) to substitute the original bills of lading issued at the time of shipment.

Even though it technically deals with the same cargo, the information on the switch B/Ls, for various reasons put forth below, is intentionally edited and is not meant to be identical to the original B/L it replaces.

Just like the original, the switch B/L serves as:

  • A receipt for goods (for the destination agent)
  • Evidence of contract of carriage (contract between shipper and the carrier)
  • Document of title to the goods (consignee will need at least one original to receive the goods)
  • In most cases, a switch B/L is used in order to edit the shipper information, i.e. replacing the actual factory details with the trading agent’s. That said, there may be various other motives for requesting a switch B/L.

Here you can learn about the steps to prepare switch bill in fresa application.

Step 1: Login with Fresa Gold, Navigate to particular Shipment. Select switch button in respective shipment. (Fig.1)
Switch bl
Step 2: Now confirm ok to switch BL to generate. (Fig.2)
Step 3: Now the switch BL is generated. (Fig.3)
Switch bl
The above blog post explains about the steps to prepare switch bill in fresa application.
Also further you can watch the below demo video for steps to generate switch bill in fresa application.

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