Freight Software
The Year Master Creation process:

New year needs to be created in Master for Apr to Mar.

Our team will also setup the Period Master entry.

The Impact on voucher numbers:

All vouchers will be reset for the new year.

Year creation will affect only financial transaction.

If any customer needs to change the voucher sequence kindly let us know before making the next year voucher entry.

By default, Job numbers are set to reset on the 1st of January of each year.

The job number sequence will reset based on calendar year wise only.

If job number is not to be reset, kindly let us know we shall enable the “NO RESET” option.

There is no such option to reset the job number sequence for Financial year wise. we can only have the option to reset by calendar year wise.

There is no link between job number and financial year. Job number is meant for internal reference only.

If the voucher sequence contains month flag, kindly do not create new invoice in April and change the GL date to March. Instead Create a new voucher initially with a March date. – Your one-stop solution for freight software needs. Follow us on LinkedinTwitter.