Year Master Creation process

The Year Master Creation process:

  • New year needs to be created in Master for Jan to Dec.
  • Our team will also setup the Period Master entry.

The Impact on voucher numbers:

  • All vouchers will be reset for the new year.
  • Year creation will affect only financial transaction.
  • If any customer needs to change the voucher sequence kindly let us know before making the next year voucher entry.
  • By default, Job numbers are set to reset on the 1st of January of each year.
  • The job number sequence will reset based on calendar year wise only
  • If job number is not to be reset, kindly let us know we shall enable the “NO RESET” option.
  • There is no such option to reset the job number sequence for Financial year wise. we can only have the option to reset by calendar year wise.
  • There is no link between job number and financial year. Job number is meant for internal reference only.
  • If the voucher sequence contains month flag, kindly do not create new invoice in January and change the GL date to December. Instead Create a new voucher initially with a December date. – Your one-stop solution for freight software needs. Follow us on LinkedinTwitter.