The job related reports and Accounts General ledger reports most of the time will not be tallied, even it’s not necessary to be tallied, Because of the Job reports always based on Job/Shipment date or ETD/ETA/ or Job/Shipment created date, but the accounts ledgers report based on the Voucher date or ledger date.

For example, A job created on 28-May-2021 Job number as BOMEXP210738 and job date is 29-APR-2021, for the same Job created an invoice as BOMINV210500175, Voucher date is 01-MAY-21 and GL date is 02-MAY-21, created an Purchase invoice in the same job and voucher number as BOMPI210600967, Voucher Date as 01-JUN-21 and GL date is 01-JUN-21.

This case, while you run the job reports from 23-May-21 to 29-May-21 for a week, the system will job details for FI215001 along with that Invoice and Purchase Invoice details, But if you run the Accounts ledger reports for same date range from 23-May-21 to 29-May-21, the system will display only that Purchase invoice because of the Purchase Invoice GL date on 28-May-21, So Accounts ledger related report, Like Job ledger always picks the details based on Ledger date.

job related 1
We have explained some job reports and ledger reports, Kindly find the below Details for your reference.
1. All voucher report
All voucher reports always display all the voucher with all status based on Voucher date. This report will not tally any other reports, because it will display all the voucher record based on voucher date.
2. A/R OS reports
All the A/R (Accounts Receivable) reports will display all receivable vouchers based on the GL date and Voucher status should be posted status and Invoice OS amount should not zero.
3. A/P OS reports
All the A/P (Accounts Payable) reports will display all payable vouchers based on GL date, Voucher status should be Posted Status and Purchase Invoice/Purchase credit note voucher OS amount should be Zero.
4. Combined Aging Summary report.
This combined Aging summary report, will display the all Payable and Receivable ledger reports, Based GL report, Which means as mentioned above Invoice BOMINV210500175, If you run the report as on 01-MAY-21, This voucher will not display in the report, because of the voucher date is 01-MAY-21, but the GL date is 02-MAY-21, So all the Outstanding reports will display the details based on GL date.
5. General ledger statement.

The general ledger statement will display the All the Trail balance transaction will display based on GL date, not based on Job date/Shipment date/Voucher date.

• Job based report will not match with General ledger statement.
• Trail balance, Balance sheet, profit and Loss reports will match with General ledger statement if both report date range is same ledger wise it will match
Job Reports
Job report available in Accounts→ Job Reports → Accounts →
1. All shipment reports

All shipment reports always display based on selected date, type like as below screen shot. It will not match with any accounts receivable or Payable or Ledger transaction reports, because all shipment reports based on Shipment date/Job date/ATD/ETD/ETA/ATA/shipment created date and accounts report based on GL date and Voucher date.

This report will not match with a Balance sheet or Trail balance
job related 2
2. Job ledger Report
The Job ledger report will display all jobs related reports like job number, shipment number A/c name, charge amount, DR /CR amount and Narrations, But the report will display based on a voucher GL date, which was not match with Job list summary or any job related reports.
3. Job List summary report
The job list summary report shows all the details above jobs/Shipment including provisional and actual amounts, the report date filter will work based on Job date. So if the accounts may be created in any date, but, while you are ringing the report, It pick the list of jobs based on provide date and show the Actual Sale, Actual cost and GP, this report will not match with any outstanding reports/General ledger statement/Job ledger statement.
8. Trail Balance reports
All Trail balance reports always will display Posted vouchers the details based on GL date.
9. Balance sheet report
All the balance sheet reports fetch the Posted vouchers data based on voucher GL date.
10. Profit and Loss
Profit and Loss (Based on Job Closing). This report will pick the ledger details based job closed date, For example A job closed on 31-May-21, but all the accounting transactions belongs April-21, This case if user run the report from 01-May-21 to 31-May-21, system will show all the profit and loss for the May-21 Month.
Rest of other profit and Loss report everything will pick the data based on Posted voucher GL date.